Thomas Lee
Educational Background

Educational Experience
22 years with Aquinas Catholic Schools.

I am  a 1990 graduate of Aquinas High School and have taught Social Studies classes at Aquinas High School since 2000. I spent 4 years at Aquinas Middle School prior to joining the high school staff. I was named head coach of Blugold Football coaching staff in 2013.
World History
The course is a chronological and topical study of humankind's social and political development from the beginning of written records through the 20th century. The student will study world regions, their religions, ethnic groups, art, culture, traditions and social and political systems. Students will gain insights that will broaden their appreciation of the experience of mankind in many different world regions.
U.S. History - Lee
This course is a comprehensive study of the history of the United States from the post civil war era to contemporary events. In addition to the solid factual foundation, the emphasis is on the analysis of major personalities, formative events, controversial issues and significant movements that have shaped our nation.