Kevin Seidel
Educational Background
Bachelor of Science Geography:  UW- Eau Claire
Master of Education Professional Development:  UW- La Crosse

Educational Experience
20th year with Aquinas Catholic Schools

It's amazing to me that this will be my 20th year of teaching social studies and coaching football at Aquinas High School.  Every year has been great.  I especially like to teach at Aquinas because I can really get to know the students, and we can have interesting conversations related to class and current events.  The staff and families of ACS are like one, big supportive family.  My wife of 18 years, Kim, and I have two daughters, who attend Aquinas High School and Middle School.  Outside of school I like to hunt and fish, and as a family, we enjoy biking and hiking.

Favorite Quote
"It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up... Winners never quit, and quitters never win."  Vince Lombardi
This course offers a study of the American free enterprise system. Included are topics as supply and demand, income spending and distribution, competition in the market place, the role of government in the economy, challenges to the U.S. market economy and problems of less developed countries.
Psychology I
This course studies human behavior by investigating basic theories related to behavior and human development. Freudian, Behavioral and Developmental Psychology are the major units studied in this course.
Psychology II Honors
Students will study mental health and Abnormal Psychology. They will also gain experience of psychological research, testing and experimentation. Students will discuss adolescent emotional health issues and problem solving techniques based on techniques of Reality Therapy.
Sociology is the study of human development and human interactions in groups. Students will investigate current social problems that deal with the family, crime and human life issues. Students will have the opportunity to learn and apply various sociological research designs.
World Geography
This course is a study of people, places, and environment from a physical and cultural perspective. Through a variety of classroom activities, students will gain an appreciation and understanding of the interdependent world in which they live. Students will analyze and evaluate the connection between their local and global communities. The course will emphasize the practical and responsible application of geography to life situations.