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State Solo Ensemble

STATE Solo/ensemble Music Contest  2013
The Aquinas Music department had a very successful day at State Solo/ensemble -Sat. May 4th at UW-L.  Aquinas was awarded 61 first place medals and 22 second place medals.
Congratulations to the Percussion Ensemble for receiving second place.
Members include: Axel Brye, McHale Sterba, Lauren Graf, Ben Bettis, Ryan Amble and Lucas Brandt.
Congratulations to the Saxophone and Chamber Ensemble Ensemble for receiving first place.
Chamber Ensemble members include:  Hannah Braun, Carina Braun, Ashley Mutka, Greg Lamb, Michael Cunningham, Madeline Cochran, Haley Nordeen, Sarah Buswell, Sheridan McCoy, Claire Olson, Alexis Puylheart, Greg Schaub, Amy Stellick, Dana Thill, Samantha Morrison, Sean Conway, Lucas Johnson, Jonathan Fries and Ryan Amble.
Saxophone Ensemble members include: Anna Shuttenhelm, Ali Fiegen, Sean Conway, Ben Degenhardt, and Adam Steiger.
The Instrumental soloists receiving first place:
Hannah Braun - oboe solo; Carina Braun - flute solo; Sean Conway - alto saxophone solo Haley Nordeen - viola solo,  Sheridan McCoy- violin solo and piano solo; Ryan Amble -drum solo; SoYoung Han - piano solo
Congratulations to Sean Conway for receiving the Exemplary soloist of the day performing on saxophone.
The Instrumental soloists receiving second place:
Sean Conway and Alec Thicke: jazz improvisation duo 
Greg Lamb,Haley Nordeen and Sean Conway- trio
Michael Cunningham - cello solo
Amy Stellick - piano