Welcome to Aquinas High School Student Services


Mission Statement:

The mission of Aquinas Catholic Schools Counseling Program is to enable all students to acquire the academic, personal/social, and career standards necessary to function and contribute to the good of the Church and the world.


Comprehensive School Counseling Program:

Aquinas High School has developed a Comprehensive School Counseling Program that is used as an integral part of our educational mission. With a goal of enhancing student achievement, the program benefits:


Students by…

  • Promoting a rigorous academic curriculum for all students
  • Relating educational programs to future success
  • Developing decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Providing advocacy for all students


Parents by…

  • Providing support for parents in advocating for their child’s academic, career, and personal/social development
  • Developing a system for their child’s long-range planning and learning
  • Increasing opportunities for parent/school interaction


System by…

  • Providing interdisciplinary team effort to address educational needs
  • Providing a program promoting success for all students
  • Assuring that a quality counseling program is available to all students
  • Integrating school counseling with the academic mission of the school
  • Monitoring data for school improvement