Academic Assistance

See the teacher first:
Students are encouraged to speak with their teacher first for clarification of course work. Often additional time for asking questions, explanation of concepts, or practice with the teacher present can be enough to get the student on the right track again. Ask your teacher for an appointment either before or after school, during a study hall or lunch period, or during the Resource period of Extended Learning Weeks.

Academic Resource Room:
A special study hall room is available from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday and 7:30 to 3:30 on Fridays. The Academic Resource Center is supervised by two licensed teachers. Students may drop in for tutoring or to ask questions. The Academic Resource Room may also be permanently assigned as the location for a student's study hall.

Peer Tutors:
Peer Tutors volunteer their time during a study hall to help fellow students. Availability of Peer Tutors is limited and dependent on finding someone able to tutor the right subject while free the same study hall.

Study Group:
We encourage the formation of Study Groups. These are peer arranged and member-led groups of students from the same class who meet to discuss class concepts, study for exams, and challenge each other. Sometimes Study Groups meet regularly throughout the semester and other times they are formed to prepare for exams.

 Options for Credit Recovery

Credit is earned on a semester basis. Credit recovery is necessary if a student does not pass a semester or more of a required course. 

  • Students may retake the course the following year.
  • Students may be referred to Western Technical College for an evening or summer course depending on availability of the class needed.
  • With preapproval, students may take an online course and transfer the credit to fulfill a recovery of credit for graduation.

Please contact your High School Counselor for more information.

Helpful Websites

Study Skills and Learning Styles - www.studygs.net/

Homework help - www.bjpinchbeck.com & www.factmonster.com