Aquinas Film Festival


Aquinas Students!


This year, in lieu of (or perhaps in addition to), the Talent Show that takes place each year during Catholic Schools Week, ACOSA is hosting a Film Festival for student-made short films.  Please be sure to follow the simple rules listed below.

  1. All films should be made by students in one of the categories below.  

  2. Please take special note of the length requirements for each film.  Some accommodations can be made for films that are slightly longer or shorter if necessary.  

  3. Films must be school appropriate.

    1. All films will be pre-screened by a group of teachers prior to being shown to the student body.  

    2. Any film deemed inappropriate will not be shown.  

    3. In some cases, additional disciplinary actions for inappropriate content may be taken as well.  

  4. The student body will be voting on the film that they most prefer in each category.  

  5. Winners within each category will be awarded prizes (yet to be determined).  

  6. Films must be turned into Mr. Levendoski no later than Monday, January 25

    1. Films can be turned in on a flash drive or uploaded to YouTube.  All films will be added to a private YouTube channel to be used during the screening process.


If you have any questions, please seek out a member of ACOSA or email Mr. Levendoski (jon.levendoski@aquinasschools.org).  



Commercials/PSA (:30-1:30)

Music Video (2:30-4:00)

Hollywood Parody (3:00-5:00)

Class Submission (2:00-5:00)-These are films that were created as a class project but are too good to not share with everybody.

Trailers for Hollywood Movie Sequels (1:00-2:00)