Educational Background:
Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics - Cardinal Stritch University - Magna Cum Laude
Middle/High School Math Secondary Education Certification - Grades 6-12
Master of Science in Management - Cardinal Stritch University 

Educational Experience:
4th year with Aquinas High School
Taught math for 7 years at La Crosse Central High School

Subjects Currently Teaching:
Geometry and Advanced Geometry

Personal Information:
I have been married for 24 years to Dave Donarski (who is the Girls' Basketball Coach here at Aquinas High School). After teaching for several years, I took some time to stay at home to be with our two daughters, who are currently attending Aquinas Middle School and Aquinas High School.   I am really excited to be teaching again, and I am very happy to have been blessed with the opportunity to be teaching in this great school!  

Best way to contact me:
I am part-time at Aquinas High School. I am always at school between 1st and 6th periods. I am often available before school or during 4th or 6B periods as needed.  Please feel free to contact me any time you need to.  The best way is probably through e-mail at  
This course is a full year, which stresses problem solving while working with plane figures. Knowledge of Algebra is essential as many geometric problems are solved using algebraic equations or formulas. Problem solving topics will include: graphing, congruent and similar figures, area, volume, perimeter, parallel and perpendicular lines, angles, transformations, circles, basic trigonometry, constructions and proofs.
Advanced Geometry
This full year course includes all topics in the course description for Geometry. Topics to be extended include: proofs, graphing, trigonometry and three-dimensional space.