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Junior Individual Planning Conferences
Juniors and their parents/guardians are invited to participate in a Junior Individual Planning Conference November 5th through 16th. This is not a traditional parent-teacher conference, but rather a specially designed meeting focus on their interests, educational/career development, and information to begin planning for their future. Conferences generally last 30-40 minutes and take place during various times throughout the school day in Student Services. 

While we understand that it is hard to arrange time during the day to be present, involvement in this conference is encouraged. Topics covered will include an overview of high school information, post-secondary and career plans, student interests, and more. This is a great time to discover resources and ask questions about the process of initiating plans for after high school including college applications and career discovery.

Student with last names beginning A-K, please click HERE to schedule a conference with Mrs. Belland.

Student with last names beginning L-Z, please click HERE to schedule a conference with Mr. Schaller.

Students will be excused from class during the period you choose. If you are not able to attend any of the available conference times please call your high school counselor to schedule. 

Your Aquinas High School Counselors                                                
Chelle Belland                                                            
784-0287 ext. 214                                                      

Ryan Schaller
784-0287 ext. 215
Author: Christine Gongaware   E-Mail: christine.gongaware@aquinasschools.org